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Who We Are

We help SMEs and other established brands reimagine their business by building impactful digital engineering solutions powered by the latest technologies..

Our mission is to inspire growth, create opportunities and success to companies in the construction industry.

We achieve this mission by creating innovative, world-class digital solutions such as Customer Management Software, Functional Websites integrated with Digital Marketing, Cost estimating software, Project Management Software, Inventory Management Software, Site Reports and Documentation.

We have a well-defined and time proven process to get the best results for your business.

What are your goals

What are your goals? We think critically and act creatively in this phase.
Do you want to automate repetitive processes thereby increasing effeciency? Do you want to cut operational costs? Do you want to have a bigger market share in the market? Do you want to increase revenue? Do you want to increase profits? Do you want to increase brand awareness? Do you want to increase the ROI on your marketing campaigns? Do you want qualified leads from your website? We capture the main challenges that the company would want to solve.

Design Process

We sketch, prototype, iterate, design and test to create ultimately digital solutions and useful experiences. We help our clients to develop clear strategies and roadmaps to solve their challenges as quickly as possible, without skimping on the details.

Build It

We innovate and craft clean code to bring our research outcomes and interface designs to life.


We launch the product and continously collect feedback for improvements. And we also congratulate ourselves and pop a bottle of appreciation.

What We Do

We create innovative products and digital solutions for companies in the construction industry.

We create bespoke softwares for the construction industry, build websites and craft marketing strategies that bring opportunities, inspire growth and ultimately bring success for organizations in the construction industry.

Web Design

We improve your sales pipeline by ensuring your website not only attracts visitors but regularly converts prospects to qualified leads. With millions of websites on the internet you want to be sure your website stands out, represents you well, and most importantly, helps your organization grow and become profitable.

Engineering Bespoke Software

Our software engineers have a wealth of experience and capabilities in building customized software specific to your organizational needs. We engineer software applications in many business domains including cost estimating software, project management software and more. Our capabilities we use include - HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (Bootstrap, JQuery, React JS / Angular JS) PHP(Laravel, Codeigniter) / JAVA(Swing) / Python(Django) / Ruby(Rails) MySQL / MariaDB / PostgreSQL / MongoDB

Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing comprises of a number of activities for the web apart from marketing and each and every activity needs to be executed with focus on the end users to ensure success. Fortunately, we have an excellent team of digital marketing experts, who are working 24/7 to attract, engage and convert your customers into sales. Our digital marketing strategies include online advertising, Retargeting, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Email marketing, Content Marketing, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, chatbots and video marketing.

Research and Training

As experts in our field, we know digital can pose challenges to businesses and staff. We work with companies in the construction industry to help navigate their digital transformation journey with ease. We accomplish this by offering customized digital marketing training programs specifically designed for each company. We diagnose digital competencies of our work force, design the best training program and assesss your staff post-training. How is your company adapting to the ever-changing digital environment to find and maintain competitive advantage? What's coming next in the construction industry? Research is core in our digital deliverables, and it informs all strategy surrounding your target audience and the construction industry.

Featured Works

These are some of our recent projects and we are so excited to show them to you.

What Clients Are Saying.

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Thanks to Tech Mechanics Digital Creatives who drafted our digital marketing strategy, our social media outreach has really churned out qualified leads and customers.

Nelson Nderitu CEO, Adeola Construction Company
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Within two weeks after Tech Mechanics Digital Creatives had created our website, we got business from South Sudan through the website. Very able and pros

Leornard Ndegwa IT Manager, Huqas
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As an independent waterproofing contractor working in the construction industry, Tech Mechanics Digital Creatives created for me a "get-to-market" strategy that has really produced results. I would recommend them since they have in depth knowledge of how the Kenya Construction Industry Works .

Kennedy Mwei Independent Waterproofing Applicator
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